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We’ve developed an innovative program that offers free checkups and discounted services for the people in Richmond who might not be covered by traditional insurance.

The plan is simple. For a reasonable annual fee, each member will receive two free checkups each year. That includes two free exams, two routine cleanings, all needed x-rays, and fluoride treatments for children. You may enroll as an individual or a family. We believe free preventative care contributes to fewer dental problems, and costs down the road.

The plan also saves you money on other dental services. Every member receives a 15% discount off Dr. Hamilton’s current fee schedule. This is for every procedure we provide including cosmetic dentistry and whitening.

Money Under Your Pillow

If just one member of the family should require a root canal, post and crown (a common dental treatment) you could save over $400 or more, and if you are one who anticipates the need for extensive dental treatment, your savings could be very significant. There are no yearly maximums.


  • No claim forms
  • No yearly maximums
  • Cosmetic dentistry included
  • No pre-authorizations required
  • No pre-existing conditions restricted


Anyone not covered by dental insurance may enroll in MIDENT. You may also enroll your eligible dependents, which includes your lawful spouse and children. No pre-existing conditions will prevent membership.

Annual Cost

Single member…$280
Each additional dependent…$270

The Details

Membership is in effect for one year only, beginning the day the membership fee is received. Procedures specifically in progress at the time the membership expires will be completed at the allowance rate. Further allowances on services will not be allowed until the renewed membership fee is received.

  • This is a basic service plan. Should members require treatment or services better treated by and referred to specialists, the allowance will not be in effect. Preventive visits which include initial and recall oral exams, routine diagnostic x-rays, routine cleaning and fluoride treatments are limited to two a year under the plan
  • Payment of discounted procedures must be made at time of service.
  • Any participant (including a dependent) who fails to keep an appointment shall be subject to a charge unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment and such charge shall be no more than $20.00
  • This plan is expressly non-transferable

MIDENT reserves the right to refuse membership to individuals at its discretion


  • Any dental services arising out of sickness or injury arising out of or sustained in the course of any occupation or employment for remuneration or profit, which qualifies for workman’s compensation benefits.
  • Any dental services which, in the judgement of the dentist, are not reasonable and necessary for the prevention, correction, or improvement of a condition.
  • Any dental services for which the participant is reimbursed, entitled to reimbursement, or is in any way indemnified for such expense by or through any program, state or federal, or any program of medical or dental benefits sponsored and paid for by the federal government or any agency thereof.
  • Services which are not performed or offered by Dr. Hamilton.