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Children’s Dentistry

We pride ourselves on our excellent children’s or pediatric dental care in Richmond, VA.

About our Pediatric Dental Care

We make sure a trip to the dentist is a comfortable experience for kids. We explain what the equipment is and how it works. We teach preventive dental hygiene and reward them with balloons, stickers, and toys. Children’s movies are available for entertainment. Parents are welcome to accompany their children at all times. Also, parents can have their teeth cleaned and examined while their child is having their checkup in the room next door.


We like for first visit and recall visits to be relaxing for everyone. We like to explain, teach, and reward. Dr. Eliason enjoys helping kids who are anxious. We will examine the child, take appropriate x-rays, give advice and answer questions and concerns with the parents. We believe in fluoride treatments to help children’s teeth better resist cavities.


We recommend that dental sealants be applied to a child’s permanent molars as they erupt. Even if your child brushes and flosses it is sometime impossible to clean the tiny grooves and pits of the tooth. Plaque and food can build up in these crevices placing the tooth at risk for decay. Sealants are easily and painlessly applied to the chewing portion of a kid’s new tooth. Sealants, an inexpensive procedure, can prevent cavities and pain in the future. They are comfortably flowed into the grooves and pits and a small light causes it to harden. Sealants can last for years and protect the teeth through the most cavity-prone years.

Sports Mouth Guards

We have seen too many kids rushed into our office with broken front teeth from playing sports. We recommend sports mouth guards (just like the adult athletes) for prevention of these heartbreaking fractures. The fee is very minimal compared to the pain and the cost of repairing these traumatic injuries. We have all colors and combinations.

Click here for more information, videos, and images on sports mouth guards from our partner, Glidewell Laboratories.