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General Dentistry

From thorough cleanings, natural-looking fillings, crowns, implants, and removable dentures, Hamilton Dental is equipped to handle all your dental needs in Richmond, VA. We are a family dentist and treat patients from three years old to one hundred and three.


Dr. Hamilton uses tooth-colored composite material for most cavities and repairs. This material is strong and long-lasting. It literally bonds to the tooth and looks as if the tooth was never filled.


Sometimes a damaged tooth is not strong enough to support a large filling restoration. At this point, a crown will be recommended. A crown can strengthen and bring full function back to a weak tooth. Dr. Hamilton uses only the best labs to fabricate these restorations. All-ceramic, high-strength crowns can be used in front or back teeth. Dr. Hamilton also recommends a porcelain fused to a high quality noble precious metal. The matching shade is chosen and the porcelain completely covers the metal. No metal shows. Also, solid gold crowns on the very back teeth are still an option for some patients when esthetics is not a factor or concern.

Endodontics (root canals)

Endodontic therapy involves precisely removing the infected tissue within the tooth and filling this area with an antibacterial filling material. With this procedure, teeth can be saved for many years to come. Dr. Hamilton uses the latest techniques and the root canal procedure is painless. In our office, we have found that root canals get a bad reputation from the pain the patient is experiencing before arriving for the appointment, not during the appointment.

Teeth Replacement with Removable Dentures

When too many teeth are missing, dentures become a solution to restore your smile and chewing ability. Partial dentures are used to fill areas with missing teeth and gaps. Molds are taken and high-quality artificial teeth are bonded to a custom-made cast metal substructure or framework. This framework makes the partial dentures strong and enables it to stay firmly and comfortably in place. Dr. Hamilton uses much thought and care in the design of his partials and the best materials and labs to construct them.

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth in one arch are missing. Dr. Hamilton uses several appointments, including an approval try-in for the patient, to make dentures which are natural-looking and comfortable. Implants and less expensive, one-appointment mini-implants can be utilized to place dentures in more securely.


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a tooth must be extracted. When this is necessary, Dr. Hamilton will make this experience as easy as possible. We use nitrous oxide, a potent pre-numbing gel, and a powerful anesthetic.